Mujuru challenges Presidential powers

Zimbabwe People First leader Dr Joice Mujuru has gone to the Constitutional Court to challenge the legality of a Presidential decree providing a legal framework for the introduction of bond […]

Zanu PF plunders state resources

Over the years, the Zanu PF regime has always illegally and unconstitutionally conflated the relationship between Zanu PF as a political party and the State or government. Because Zanu PF is […]

#PublicOfficeCharter of Zimbabwe

This is what the Constitution of Zimbabwe demands of every public official of Zimbabwe. Every public officer should respect the fundamental rights or freedoms of any person – s48-78 (Bill […]

How can the tragedy of 2008 be avoided in Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, there has been serious shortages of foreign currency (forex) due to a shrinking and non-productive economy and imprudence in economic management. From February 2009, the US$ notes have […]