The main objectives of The 1873 Network

The main objectives of the THE 1873 NETWORK are:

  • To identify, document and showcase Africa’s corporate rich heritage;
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and insights on Africa’s challenges and opportunities;
  • To be an advocate for the interests of members on issues that are critical to raise the corporate flag of Africa;
  • To promote the participation of Africans in shaping and defining the agenda for action to make Africa live up to its promise;
  • To assist in building Africa’s capacity to fund the documentation of its own case studies that can then be used to enhance financial and corporate literacy;
  • To identify, strengthen and motivate African people to enter the corporate market;
  • To engage the energy and the talent of the young and emerging leaders in Africa in order to release their potential to build a good society for all people;

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